I find it extremely ironic that anti-gun zealots continually refer to gun owners as paranoid. While within any group there will be individuals who are more or less fearful or paranoid than others, gun owners, overall, do not seem especially paranoid to me. Most enjoy shooting and/or hunting as a hobby. Carrying a gun seems to me as sensible as having a spare tire in the car. You don’t need it every day, but, when you do, you will be glad you did. Those who don’t choose to carry a gun are free to choose what they believe works for them – pepper spray, knife, rape whistle or nothing. That’s fine by me. I certainly do not feel the need to point out to those who are not concerned with self defense hoe naive and dangerous that may be.

But, it appears to me that those who are truly paranoid are the anti-gun zealots. They ascribe magical evil powers to an inanimate object. In the 21st Century, I wonder how any rational person can believe that an object has a will of its own and the ability to influence people. There is just no way to reason with such people.

In a conversation with a Liberal friend, I told her that it is my business what I choose to do for self-defense. Her response was that it becomes her business when my gun walks out of my house and kills someone. Really? I’ve never heard of a gun doing such a thing. If it can be proved to me that my gun has this power, I will definitely get rid of it. Something possessed of such evil capabilities is not something I want around. So, off it goes with those voodoo dolls and shrunken heads I thought were so cool until people around me started dropping dead.

Seriously, I can’t think of a single reason why it is anybody’s business at all what I choose to own or if I choose to carry something I own around with me. I have never hurt anyone in my life. I have never committed any crimes. In fact, I have spent my entire life helping others professionally and personally. Picking up a gun is not going to change who I am or what my values are. It doesn’t have that power.

The gun grabbers say that gun owners fear the world around them and see bad guys lurking everywhere. I don’t see any truth to that. What does one have to fear if he is prepared for whatever might happen?

The gun grabbers, on the other hand, are so fearful of their neighbors, friends and coworkers that they can’t “allow’ us to have weapons. They fear that they are surrounded by crazies who have them ‘outgunned”. They fear the evil influence of a picture or a pastry that “looks like a gun” will have on young minds. They see guns everywhere, in finger-paintings, in food, in clouds and they panic. Even the imaginary finger-gun is too dangerous for children to play with now.

This hysteria is being fed by mass media propagandists who sensationalize any story involving a gun to fit the agenda. Robbery, domestic abuse and gang killings are all “gun violence”. Mass murder is no longer about insanity or terrorism, it’s the guns’ fault. I want to see this hold up in court, just once. “I am not guilty, the gun did it. I was just there.” Maybe they can give reduced sentences to those who agree to testify against the gun, so the real danger is removed from society – the gun.

I can’t imagine the convoluted and paranoid thinking that brings them to the conclusion that evil is perpetrated by guns. Maybe it’s the next step up from the “mitigating circumstances” that are already so well accepted among liberals. Now, besides the bad environment and poor role models excusing criminals, we have the “under the evil power of a gun” defense. Because we all know that, without guns, gang-bangers, abusers, robbers, terrorists and homicidal crazies would never hurt anyone. Right?

So, no, I don’t believe it is paranoid to take a realistic view of our society and be ready to deal with it. I do believe it is paranoid to imagine that all of the ills of this society are the fault of an evil object. I believe it is far more normal to live peacefully with your neighbors, ready to help if your family or community is threatened than it is to be so fearful of what your neighbors have that you are trying to turn good people into criminals with a maze of burdensome and intrusive laws.