The anti-gun crusaders lay blame for “gun violence” and “gun crime” on gun owners who fight Gun Control. Although I take issue with their terms, I am extremely concerned with crime, violence and senseless tragedies. Every innocent person who is killed, regardless of the instrument, through crime or negligence is a loss to all of us. I care about dead children, despite what the president says.

I believe that issues of violence are deeply rooted in our society. There is no easy answer to the lack of respect for life that has become all too common. I believe these things bear examination and some effort to reach solutions.  I believe the increase in murder-suicide is a disturbing trend that merits serious study. Why is it that so many suicidal people feel the need to take others along? 

But, it is easier to blame something. The something many have chosen to blame is the gun. I do not deny that guns are used in crimes or in suicides. I do not deny that negligence with firearms can be deadly. I would approve of measures that promote safe storage and use of guns. I approve of laws that treat violent criminals harshly. Unfortunately

,  I really believe that the motivation behind gun control is actually banning guns. The politicians understand full well that an armed citizenry is the enemy of tyranny. Some politicians and most of the general public have made a moral judgment: guns are bad. They do not approve of them, so, nobody should be allowed to have them. Just as they don’t think others should have sugary drinks or smoke cigarettes, they believe they can impose their values on others when it comes to guns.They compare our laws to those of other countries, while ignoring the fact that most of our ancestors came to America to get away from those countries and have freedom. They willfully ignore the fact that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. We have other rights that aren’t always convenient for everyone. The First Amendment protects pornography, which many believe ti be immoral. The rights given to criminals make life stressful for prosecutors and do sometimes allow criminals to go free. Rights, like free will, are a double edged sword. But, this system is the best anyone has devised. It is only imperfect in that people are imperfect.



Some laws are certainly necessary for people to live together in anything resembling harmony. As our population has grown and people live closer together, more laws have been necessary. The trick is to have enough laws to prevent anarchy and not so many as to curtail all freedom. Well intentioned though they may be, Liberals have been moving closer and closerto regulating every aspect of our lives, “for our own good”.




it comes to gun control, they have overstepped the boundaries of the Constitution. If they would concentrate their efforts on crime prevention and safety, there could very well be room for compromise on new laws. As long as they make clear their goal of an outright ban, gun owners must look at each proposal they make in that light. When they boldly announce with each proposal  “This is only a first step”, how can they then say we are paranoid for thinking it’s only a first step? 


There are many gun laws I don’t find objectionable. For example, training requirements as part of a “Shall Issue” permit system. I don’t object to Safe Storage Laws, as long as they don’t involve compliance inspections. I don’t object to background checks if designed so as to not burden buyers or sellers, not require involving third parties in private transactions and allow the records to be kept only by the buyer and seller as in other transactions. I believe a lot of gun owners would be willing to support similar measures. But, as long as the anti-gun zealots strive to completely ban guns by incrementally eroding our rights, I will not support a single proposed law. They have caused many responsible,  concerned Americans to do the same. We will have no reasonable discussion in this country until the anti-gun crowd learns to respect the rights of others which are guaranteed by our Constitution.