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I see and hear a lot of negative comments from people, mostly men about pink guns. “A gun is not a fashinon accessory.” And “You’re supposed to conceal a gun, not show it off.” And “Black conceals, pink does not.” So, here’s my confession: I own, and sometimes carry, a pink gun. Well, technically it’s Raspberry.

So, now, I’ll cover the objections. First, there are many options between black and pink. There’s stainless, blued and desert tan guns that I can think of right off. Then there’s custom grips, many in very nice wood. So, don’t tell me you guys don’t care what your gun looks like or that you never show it off.

I bought the LCP a year ago as a summer carry gun. Especially for a woman, lightweight summer fabrics make it harder to conceal a gun. I’m not a fan of purse carry, so was looking for something to replace the .38 snubby I had been using for summer.

The snubby revolver is a great carry piece, and there’s still some clothes it works better with than a pistol. But the LCP has a slimmer profile and also a lightweight. With good ammo and an extra clip, I feel confident with the .380 ACP for everyday carry in the summer when I might otherwise be tempted to not carry at all.

I had to decide which of the options the LCP is offered in I would buy. Frankly, I thought “fashion colors” for guns was a silly idea. But, then I realized how it could work for me not against me. If, by chance, the gun should be inadvertently exposed, that tiny little pink gun would be extremely unlikely to provoke panic. It doesn’t scream GUN. The color is more likely to blend unobtrusively in with my clothing.

My state law is rather vague on concealed vs open carry. It says to “carry openly or concealed” requires a permit. So, you can’t actually be arrested for open carry. But, and it’s a really big “but”, if you cause other people enough discomfort that they call police, you will likely be arrested. The charge would be “Breach Of Peace” or “Disorderly Conduct”. If you’re really unlucky (or stupid), it may be “Brandishing” or “Threatening”.

Since I’m surrounded by gun-fearing liberals and I just hate wasting time, I do my best to avoid having them call the police. This is best accomplished with a gun that blends well into my clothing and silhouette. For me, this can be accomplished with my LCP in raspberry better than it would in black.

It’s not my favorite carry gun, but it works well when I need it. If I do have to use it to defend myself, it won’t make a bit of difference what color the gun is. All that matters is that I have a gun with me in that moment which is more likely with a gun I can carry and conceal with ease. 

Oh, and raspberry was $20 less than black for some reason.


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